February 19, 2018


J’s Jack of Trades LLC Refund Policy


Last Updated 1/29/18


Section 1. Products

Products may be eligible for a full or partial refund under certain conditions specified here in.

A full refund (100%) may be given in the circumstance that the refund is requested without the

product being accepted.

A Semi-Partial (75%) Refund may be received within 8 Days from the delivery date.

A Partial refund may be received if the refund is requested within 30 days of the delivery date

and after the first 8 days have passed.

Any order that is paid via Credit Card or Debit Card may only be refunded upon the attempted

delivery of the product under the condition that the product is not accepted.


Section 2. Services

Certain Services may be eligible for a refund when certain conditions are met.

A Full Refund may only be received when the service is paid for ahead of time.


Section 3. All others

Any other refunds are at the sole-discretion of the CEO and Management